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Community Activator Coach

Community Activator Coach

Posted: 14th Sep, 2020

Duration: 15 months

Sector: Community Sport Coach

Incorporating the UKCC General Gymnastics Level 1 Award and the Level 3 Award in Emergency Fist Aid at Work, on completion of the apprenticeship, your employee will be able to demonstrate the following skills:


  • Understand the Principles of behavioural change from a healthy sporting lifestyle
  • Use credible customer insight to shape provision and leadership styles
  • Understand the use of informal spaces and 'out of locality’ settings for lifelong activities
  • Delivering community-level activation events and support
  • Resource management for sustainable engagement and intervention
  • Managing disruptive behaviours and reinforcing customer welfare
  • Understand the importance of social media and technology to deliver targeted messages to identified customer groups and demographics
  • Understand how to help people overcome personal, cultural and societal barriers to participation
  • Establish a range of tools and techniques to offer different sports and both formal and informal activities 
  • Presentation skills

What's Involved

The Apprentice will need to complete the following to gain apprenticeship certification:

Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours modules:

Learners will gain knowledge in relevant topics as well as achieving the UKCC General Gymnastics Level 1 Award and the Level 3 Award in Emergency Fist Aid at Work.

This knowledge will be transferred to the workplace for further on and off-the-job learning.

Functional Skills in maths and English:

These provide practical skills to help gain the most out of work, education and everyday life. Learners will complete written and online tests.

End-point assessment:

The end-point assessment is the final stage of the apprenticeship. It comprises of an observation, project presentation and a panel interview


Following enrollment, learners engage in a blended programme of training and support that will include attendance at group training sessions, self-directed learning, email and face-to-face support from their trainer/assessor as well as a programme of training devised by the employer.

The length of the programme will differ depending on experience, knowledge and skills development but the course should usually take 15 months.

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On completion and achievement of the apprenticeship, learners can progress into leadership or management roles within the Sector which may be aligned to an Apprenticeship at higher level. This progression will involve leading teams of people; acting as a mentor for staff; or specialising with the delivery of sporting and physical activity programmes to certain populations or communities.

What's next...

SBC Training has access to government funding and grants for this apprenticeship.

For free advice and to find out how much financial support your business is eligible for, please contact us.

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