What's Involved

The learner will need to complete the following to gain Level 1 certification:

  • Using Devices and Handling Information (Learners will gain knowledge o f Hardware, Software, Navigating Online, Saving and Storing Information)

  • Creating and Editing (Knowledge can be gained about Creating and Editing Documents and Media Files)

  • Online Communication (Learners will gain knowledge of Communicating and Sharing Online)

  • Transacting Online (Knowledge will be gained about making Safe Online Transactions, Creating Online Accounts and Managing Online Accounts)

  • Being Safe and Responsible Online (Learners will learn how to be safe will online along with how to manage their Digital Footprint)


        Learners will attend classroom sessions at SBC Training, where they will work through the knowledge units. This will include presentations, videos, activities, quizzes and Q&A opportunities. Once all the units have been covered, the learners will complete a practice test before going on to complete their final exam. If the learner is successful, they will receive the Level 1 Qualification.
        The length of the programme will be around 6 - 7 weeks.

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        Avenues of progression for successful learners include:
        • Access to traineeships and apprenticeships
        • Level 1 can be used when applying for potential jobs


        SBC Training has access to government funding and grants for this apprenticeship.

        For free advice and to find out how much financial support you might be eligible for, please contact SBC Training using the details below.

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