Apprentices receive ‘Outstanding’ training support during lockdown

20 May 2020
Apprentices receive ‘Outstanding’ training support during lockdown

Congratulations to Nick O’Leary who has been awarded the grade of ‘outstanding’ for his delivery of on line training to apprentices.

At the beginning of lockdown SBC Training transferred to on line delivery and the results have been fantastic with apprentices and staff reporting real benefits.  However the quality team at SBC Training wanted to ensure that the standard of training was meeting the high quality which it aspires to. 

Rhian Chadwick, Quality Manager, said “On line delivery is so different. It is not just a matter of being in front of the camera and delivering exactly the way you would in a class room. Lesson plans, resources, and methods of engagement need to be approached differently to give the best learning experience. We agreed with staff that I would ‘sit in’ on line to observe and offer support. Staff were then formally observed ‘on line’ to grade the quality of their delivery and it was wonderful to see Nick being awarded a grade of outstanding. Other staff have now been observed and the results are very pleasing with others joining Nick in the highest grading.”

This system has enabled apprentices to continue to make good progress with their training and qualifications.

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