Celebrating Social Care

23 Apr 2024
Celebrating Social Care

Celebrating Social Care This April

This April we’re supporting, “Celebrating Social Care” and the people who work in the health and social care sector.

In this blog post, we will be sharing the journey of one of our health and social care trainers, Debbie Uzzell.

Debbie started her care career in a position working with children and young people. After being abroad Debbie found herself without a job and social care was initially just a job to earn money but she soon found she enjoyed helping people and that's how her career journey began.

Debbie progressed on to train as a nurse and specialised in mental health, working in a variety of settings including, residential inpatient and community before moving in to education and training. The reason why Debbie enjoys working in health and social care is to be able to support people, so they can develop their independence, gain skills in daily living, recover where possible from a condition or illness and provide encouragement to achieve things surrounding health or social needs.

It is amazing what one person can achieve when given a helping hand!

Debbie became a trainer assessor as she believes she had the skills and understanding to support and guide people working in that sector. She is extremely passionate about ensuring healthcare and social care workers understand and can apply the basic values of supporting people to have quality of life even if they are experiencing physical or mental health conditions.

Debbie strongly believes in quality assurance and ensuring standards of work are upheld which is another reason why she became a trainer assessor.

Debbie promotes the behaviours, knowledge and skills required to work in this sector throughout a qualification or apprenticeship standard.

“I have experience in both healthcare and social care. I think the people I support with qualifications and apprenticeship standards benefit from my knowledge and variety of experience in several settings. There are other career routes once working in a care setting that were not necessarily the first option. My career journey is a testament to that”. said Debbie.

Here is some advice from Debbie to anyone who is interested in or wants to start their career in health and social care.

“Anyone wishing to start a career in Health or Social Care needs to be able to adapt to different situations. You need to be caring and demonstrate compassion, empathy and discretion in your approach. In addition, you need to be non-judgmental and have good communication skills”.

We hope hearing about Debbie’s journey will help guide you on your career path and support anyone who works in care, please go see our other blog post that includes Debbie and how to help people with stress and anxiety, for Stress Awareness Month.  

Get involved this April by sharing your personal achievements in the care sector using #CelebratingSocialCare

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