“Coming out of her shell at the Duck Store” Aisha Barnes - Duck store

19 Apr 2022
“Coming out of her shell at the Duck Store”  Aisha Barnes - Duck store

Alisha Barnes left school after GCSEs and started a college course but it was not right for her. Being unsure of what she wanted, coupled with health problems, Alisha was not able to progress with getting a career underway. Her confidence plummeted and she drifted until her Job Coach suggested a Kickstart opportunity at the Shrewsbury Duck Store. ‘That’s quirky’, thought Alisha, ‘what is the Duck Store?’ Shrewsbury Duck Store, run by Andy Evans, specialises in personalised gifts including baby blankets, bears, mugs, cushions and many more but most significantly rubber ducks.


Alisha’s strength was art and she commenced as a creative sales assistant, designing tee shirts and personal motifs and of course ducks. The Shrewsbury Duck Store, situated in the Darwin Centre, welcomes customers but also sells on line. Alisha felt that the social media presence could be improved and Andy encouraged her with this, resulting in twenty-eight thousand followers on TikTok. The majority of on-line orders are now as a result of Alisha’s imaginative campaigns. At the end of the Kickstart programme Andy wanted to support Alisha to progress. He contacted SBC Training and found that our level 3 Digital Marketing Apprenticeship would be ideal. Alisha has now commenced the course and is looking forward to a bright future in marketing.


Andy is delighted, he commented “We are looking forward to seeing what results we can achieve with Alisha following the course she is doing with SBC Training and how that can increase the number of customers to our website and instore”


Said Alisha “Kickstart and the Apprenticeship have completely turned my life around. I love what I do, I have the opportunity to gain higher level qualifications and my confidence has soared.”


We all wish Alisha and the Shrewsbury Duck Store every success.

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