How a Digital Marketer Apprentice can transform your business

06 Nov 2020
How a Digital Marketer Apprentice can transform your business

How customers find you and interact with you on digital platforms is now more important than ever. The Covid-19 pandemic and the current 4-week lockdown has encouraged businesses to move online in order to reach their customers.

With 1/3 of organisations say finding or developing the necessary talent is an obstacle to achieving their digital transformation objectives, digital training is now vital to help businesses survive. 

A Digital Marketing Apprentice is an example of one training programme we off that can help you business to adapt to the new digital environment.

An Apprentice Digital Marketer will:

  • help you create brand identity and awareness
  • promote your products
  • look after data gathering, market analytics and return on investment (ROI)
  • create customer engagement
  • respond to customer reviews
  • set up and manage social media platforms
  • increase traffic to web based platforms through search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • create content for your social media platforms, blogs and web pages

Here are a few pen pictures of what our Digital Marketer Apprentices have achieved this year in spite of the lockdown:

As a result of completing her apprenticeship this apprentice went on to fully manage Digital Marketing for her organisation in Oswestry. And has now progressed on to managing a team.


Because of staff changes in the company this apprentice has stepped up to take over the full responsibilities of marketing social media campaigns and is doing a stellar job of it.


This apprentice has been responsible for setting up the Digital Marketing from scratch for his small company. This includes all SEO, PPC and social media exposure.

Our new cohort is starting for this apprenticeship. Get in touch to start the search for your apprentice using our free recruitment service or talk to us about upskilling a member of your team.


Other training options include:

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