Supporting Stress Awareness Month

23 Apr 2024
Supporting Stress Awareness Month

Stress Awareness Month (April)

This April, we’re supporting Stress Awareness Month. In correlation with celebrating social care workers, we want to share how important it is to look after yourself and ways to help manage stress, to support Stress Awareness Month.  

In this blog post you will hear from one of our Health and Social Care trainer assessors, and how SBC Training provides support to handle stress.  

Working in care can be very rewarding as you can watch your patients develop their independence, gain skills or help achieve them. Guide them to return to daily living and recover from a condition or illness. 

Our trainer assessor, Debbie Uzzell. Said, “I have always had a person-centred approach with people I support. Seeing positive outcomes and being aware you have contributed to that outcome is another reason working in this sector is a rewarding job.” 

In the sector it can be very hard on your mind and body. It is important to look after yourself and ask for help when or if you need it. Teamwork is a big part of health and social care industry and is necessary in order to support each other, help a struggling colleague and work together to get tasks completed. Teamwork is pivotal to help Debbie get through difficult days in the industry.  

“Everyone is different dealing with stresses at work.” Debbie advised. “I apply ‘to do’ lists and try to approach tasks in a methodical way, usually starting with small tasks first. I have learned to recognise when I become overloaded or overwhelmed and have to stop and re-evaluate priorities”.  

The most important thing you can do when you are stressed or anxious is to make sure you look after yourself. Make time to relax or do something you love. Do daily exercise, journalling and eat well. Don't let it bubble up inside of you. Talk about stress, its effects and help someone out if you know they are struggling. Stress and anxiety can happen to anyone in any line of work.  

Try your best to have a positive outlook on everything you do, even if it is the smallest of tasks. Recognise your own limits and remember to take tasks one step at a time. The more you recognise stress and how to deal with it, the more you will be able to provide high quality work, deliver good care and support to your patients, colleagues and family. 

SBC Training provides Resilience Training courses for medical staff. This course covers the reasons why someone may get stressed and how to manage it. 

Please contact us if Resilience Training could help you, or if you have any loved ones or friends in the care sector. 

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