Award in Electrical Inspection & Testing | 2391-52

Posted: 11th Jan, 2019

Sector: Construction

The course combines the initial verification and periodic inspection and testing into one advanced qualification (2391-52). It is for practicing electricians who require inspection and testing since qualifying or for those who need to update their training.

The qualification will develop the knowledge and practical skills required to professionally install and carry out initial verification and periodic inspection and testing on electrical installations. 


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What's Involved

The course will cover:

  • Safe isolation of electrical circuits and installations
  • Requirements for initial verification of electrical installations
  • Requirements for completing the inspection of electrical installations prior to their being placed into service
  • Requirements for the safe testing and commissioning of electrical installations
  • Requirements for testing before circuits are energised
  • Requirements for testing energized installations
  • Requirements for the completion of electrical installation certificates and associated documentation
  • Safety of systems and equipment prior to completion of inspection, testing and commissioning
  • Inspection of electrical installations prior to them being placed into service
  • Commissioning electrotechnical systems and equipment


The Course is delivered over 5 workshops, 9am - 5pm.

Candidates will be assessed at the end of the course and must complete:

  • Practical assignment
  • Unit 502 Visual Inspection exercise
  • 30 mins Practical Inspection
  • Testing & Certification assessment, 2hrs 30mins
  • Short answer written exam, open book 1hr 20mins
  • Online multiple choice test, Unit 052 Open Book, 120 Minutes

An additional assessment day is required for the practical assessment. This will be arranged via mutual agreement following the completion of the workshops.

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Avenues of progression include:

  • Level 4 Award in the Design and Verification of Electrical Installations


£840 per person + VAT.

Please contact us on 01743 454810 to discuss funding options.

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